Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Alyx Evans

Executive President

I am from Moon Township, Pennsylvania, and I am a Communications major with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Advertising. I am honored to be a member of Sigma Kappa due to the extraordinary women I get to call my sisters as well as the amazing this we achieve together as an organization. A fun fact about myself is that I have three reptiles that I absolutely adore!

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  • Description of Position: As Chapter President, I strive to ensure that our chapter at RMU upholds a sense of unity, positivity, and loyalty to one another. I act as the guidepost for all of my sisters, meaning I lend an attentive ear and provide advice to anyone.

Shelby Krause

Executive Vice President

Hi! I'm Shelby Krause and I am a junior nursing major. I cheer at RMU and work in the admissions office on campus. I also have a job at Pier 1 Imports, the "mom store". In my spare time I love to watch Netflix, particularly The Office.

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  • Description of Postion:: As Executive Vice President, I over see membership behavior and morale, and establish basic principles and purposes for the chapter. I am responsible for creating high moral character and standards through chapter education. Additionally, I act as a

Taylor Guzy

Vice President of Programming

I am majoring in Nursing at RMU Something I love about Sigma Kappa is the opportunity it gives me to go out and meet new people! A fun fact about myself is that I play on the RMU Women’s Rugby Team!

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  • Description of Position: As Vice President of Programming I conduct informal chapter meetings which occur every other week. I choose different activities, icebreakers, and workshops for the sisters to partake in. I also manage the sorority calendar for events.

Kaci Smith

Vice President of Communications

I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I am an Accounting major, minoring in business. I enjoy dancing and spending time with my sisters. I am a member of Association for Future Accountants and Student Program Board.

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  • Description of Position: My job as the Vice President of Communications means that I am in charge of attendance - I make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and at the correct time. I also record all of our chapter meetings via minutes.

Rylee Goldowski

Vice President of Membership & Historian

Isabella Paytas

Vice President of New Member Education

I am from Freedom, PA and I am majoring in Accounting. What I love the most about Sigma Kappa is that how it has brought me closer to so many girls and I will always have a friend in a time of need.

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  • Description of Position: As Vice President of New Member Education I am in charge of teaching the new members everything they have to know about Sigma Kappa and ensuring they feel comfortable as the go through the new member process.

Madeline Menzie

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

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  • Description of Position: As Vice President of Philanthropic Service it is my responsibility to provide service opportunities for all members. In addition, I plan and execute an Ultra Violet event in the fall.

Andera Smith

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

I am currently a sophomore nursing major. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, crafting, and shopping. In addition to Sigma Kappa, I am involved in a couple of other organizations on campus. These include active minds, and also I am interested in a new club that is being worked on being implemented on campus called the Red Cross Club.

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  • Description of Position:: My job is to make and maintain connections between the new,initiated, and graduated women of Lambda Gamma. This is achieved through the writings of newsletters, and the planning of events which includes collegiate and graduated members.

Jennifer Resslar

Vice President of Scholarship

I'm from New Alexandria, Pa and I'm an Actuarial Science and Applied Mathematics major with a minor in Finance. My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is the bond our sisters have and their willingness to help each other all of the time! On campus, I am involved in the Student Program Board, the National Society for Collegiate Scholars, and the Actuarial Science Club. A fun fact about me is I twirled baton for 13 years.

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  • Description of Position: As Vice President of Scholarship, my job is to create and execute a scholarship program that will help the sisters succeed academically. I analyze each member’s GPA and try to do whatever they need to help them do better and succeed in their classes.

Macie Pate

Vice President of Finance

I'm a sophmore nursing major. At RMU, I work for Game Day Operations and am a member of PRIMES nursing scholarship. An interesting fact about me is I helped to start a Red Cross Club.

  • Description of Position: I manage all the money in the chapter including making sure dues are paid on time and creating the budget. I also manage the spending of the officers to make sure they don’t go over their budget!
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Sara Morrow

House Manager and T-Shirt Chairman

I'm an industrial engineering major, I work on campus for the Game Day Operations so I work more sporting events, and I don't do much other than do homework and hangout with friends!

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  • Description of Position: As House Manager, I make sure everyone is happy living in the suite on campus.
  • Description of Position: Being T-Shirt Chairman is a way to explore your creative side and to make your chapter look good! You want your chapter to love them and want to wear them! Put in some hard work and it will pay off in the end!

Emma Schurman

Panhellenic Delegate

I'm from Sewickley, Pa and I'm an Applied Mathematics major. My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is always having a support system for anything I need! On campus, I am involved in the Fraternal Values Society, the History Club, and the Student Program Board! A fun fact about me is I played soccer and was on the swim team for 12 years!

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  • Description of Position: As Panhellenic Delegate I am the Sigma Kappa representative at all Panhellenic meetings. I educate the chapter on Panhellenic activities and events happening on campus. I also notify the chapter prior to any Panhellenic voting.

Jordan Krieger

Continuing Membership & Airband Chairman

I am from Washington, PA and I am majoring in Nursing at RMU. One of the things that I love most about our sorority is that we get along so well and everyone is always so supportive.

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  • Description of Position: Airband is the last event during Greek Week. As Airband chairman you make the routines up, and are in charge of practices, getting the routine together, and producing the whole routine.You make memories with your sisters that you will never forget.
  • Description of Position: Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is a way for sororities to pick up a few women here and there. If you're interested in sorority membership, though, and a chapter invites you to a COB event, you should attend.

Alyssa Amadio

Social Chairman

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  • Description of Position: I plan fun activities for the chapter! We have mixers with other sororities and fraternities. In the past we have done Thanksgiving dinner, ice skating, Easter egg dying, and childhood game night. In the spring I plan out sorority formal.

Julie Jenkins

Ritual Chairman

I'm from Blairsville, PA and I'm majoring in Applied Mathematics. I love how Sigma Kappa allows me to continually grow academically and socially. On campus I am a majorette, I play trumpet in pep band, I'm in Fraternal Values Society, and Love Your Melon Club. A fun fact about myself is that I love to play tennis and travel.

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  • Description of Position: As Ritual Chairman, I conduct ritual workshops for the chapter and make sure all ritual events are executed as to how our founders preformed them. I also work closely with the VPNME to teach new initiates our ritual.

Sydney Walsh

Sisterhood Chairman

I'm a biology major. I want to eventually become a genetic counselor. I'm 21 years old from Pittsburgh, PA. I have a cat. I love music and going to concerts and Sigma Kappa.

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  • Description of Position: I plan and lead the sisterhood retreat, which is once a semester. This is to build deeper connections and create new friendships throughout our chapter. I also put together sisterhood events throughout the semester.

Cassidy Soboslay

Triange Correspondent

I'm from Plum, PA and I am a communication major with a focus in journalism. On campus, I am involved in RMU Sentry Media. My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is the friendships I have formed with my sisters and how supportive they all are. A fun fact about myself is that played volleyball for eight years.

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  • Description of Position: As Triangle Correspondent, I write one article a semester to submit to the Sigma Kappa national magazine, The Triangle. The article includes important and unique events that happened in our chapter that set us apart from other chapters!

Maria Mastrocesare

Public Relations Chairman

I am majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations and my hometown is Oakmont, Pennsylvania. My favorite sport is Hockey and I love the amazing sisters I have gained and will continue to gain in my years as a Sigma Kappa.

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  • Description of Position: As Public Relations Chairman I am in charge of creating a brand for Sigma Kappa on campus at Robert Morris. They create all flyers for events, plan events involving other sororities and also faculty at RMU, and also works to create a positive image.

Jessica Steffey

Activities Chair

I'm a freshman nursing major, aspiring to be a pediatric oncology nurse. I'm from Harrison City, PA.

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  • Description of Position: As Activities Chairman, what I do is make sure everyone is involved in another activity other than Sigma Kappa. I also help out with Greek Week and Airband!

Danielle Druchniak

Vice President of Operations for Panhellenic Council

I am from Pittsburgh, PA and my major at RMU is undeclared business. I absolutely love being a part of Sigma Kappa as it truly represents living one heart, one way. The close bonds that I have made with so many of my sisters fully embody this motto. I also admire the strong values of our sorority. A fun fact about myself is that I adore New York City and Hilton Head Island, and I wish one day that I will be able to decorate baked goods as well as Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.

Lauren Michell


  • Description of Position: As Webmaster, I manage all of our chapter's social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and also manage the content on our chapter's website. I work closely with the PR chairman when it comes to what we are posting.